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How to boost your immune system with CBD

While the winter season brings about all things merry and bright, it also comes with germs. With more people traveling and gathering than any other time of year, illness runs at an all-time high. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to get your mittened hands on some natural immunity-boosting products to protect you from all the germs running rampant. Full Spectrum Zen CBD products give you the holistic and hearty boost to your immune system that you need to prevent sickness and stay healthy throughout the holidays… and everyday.


How does CBD promote immunity?

As we’ve previously discussed, CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system and the receptors that control things like mood, appetite, and pain. One such receptor – the Transient receptor potential vanilloid 2 (TRPV2) has the function of an “immuno-cannabinoid” modulator, which regulates the body’s immune response. It tells it when to be in defense mode as well as where and at what strength is needed in the body.

CBD also boosts your immune system by promoting the activity of NK – natural killer – cells, which are definitely as cool as they sound – they are the white blood cells responsible for the body’s response to viruses.

How CBD helps people with autoimmune diseases

Those that suffer from autoimmune diseases are actually suffering from an overactive immune system. As CBD has natural immunosuppressant properties, it could help to slow or stop overactivity. Along with its immunosuppressant abilities, CBD also contains anti-inflammatory properties. This is important because inflammation is a common symptom for those with autoimmune conditions.


How CBD indirectly boosts your immune system

Your immune system is heavily affected by your physical activities, lifestyle choices, and other factors that CBD can help with, such as:

  • Stress – Stress can wreak havoc on your immune system, and as CBD has calming properties, it has been known to reduce the effects of anxiety.
  • Sleep – Trouble sleeping is linked to low immunity, but CBD helps ease you into a more restful night.
  • Gut health – Much of your immune system is located in your GI tract, where the gut microbiota live. This collection of organisms in your intestines has an enormous role in balancing your immune system. Inflammation can throw the whole system off, but CBD has been found to offer a healthy intestinal inflammatory response.


Why CBD is the preferable option for immune support

Although there is a plethora of prescription and over-the-counter medications for immunity, we always prefer nature’s remedies. Because CBD comes straight from the earth (thanks to the hemp plant), there often are fewer and lesser side effects than other prescription and over-the-counter drug options.  If you’ve suffered from drug side effects including constipation, headache, or nausea; hemp-derived CBD may be a better option for you. 


What research has been done?

Research on all of CBD’s benefits is still ongoing as we discover more, and the results are promising. As far as autoimmune disease treatment, studies are showing that CBD often helps with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, colitis, and multiple sclerosis.

There have also been studies that support the idea that CBD acts as an immunosuppressant of various immune cell types and promotes regulatory cells. Certain animal studies show that hemp-derived CBD oil balances the immune system.

How can I support my immune system with CBD?

There are plenty of high-quality products out there that promote a healthy immune system. Our wellness boosting strips help you combat against viruses by complementing immune receptors to serve as the gatekeeper that regulates your body’s immune system. Full Spectrum Zen’s immune strips modulate all of your immune receptors to maximize the body’s protection, and ability to fight off and defend against most illnesses. Plus they’re highly bioavailable so a small strip goes a long way to protect you during cold and flu season.

Full Spectrum Zen also created immunity capsules, which are a great option for ease of consumption and travel. As a multi-functional alternative, try adding tinctures to your daily routine or recipes as a highly effective method for managing the immune response.

The winter season is stressful enough on your mind and body – don’t let sickness slow you down. Stay on top of your wellness game with our trusted, proven, natural CBD products that will boost your immunity the holistic way.