At Full Spectrum Zen, quality is non-negotiable. Our capsules are not only infused with nature’s finest; they’re also 10x more bioavailable, ensuring that your body reaps the rewards of every dose. This dedication to potency and absorption is a testament to our commitment to your health.

Bid adieu to worries of toxins, chemicals, and pesticides. Our Immune Support capsules are a testament to purity, providing a natural solution that’s free from harmful agents. This commitment to quality is mirrored in our rigorous third-party lab testing, assuring you that every capsule aligns with our promise of excellence.

Experience vitality in every capsule – a gift from nature, meticulously designed to empower your immune system. Welcome the Full Spectrum Zen way of wellness into your life, and transform your immunity into an impenetrable fortress.

Begin your journey to an elevated immune experience with Full Spectrum Zen’s CBD Immune Support capsules – where nature meets innovation, immunity meets vitality, and protection meets well-being. Your path to a resilient tomorrow starts now.

  • Full Spectrum hemp CBD
  • Infused with Pureway-C (concentrated Vitamin C), D3, Zinc
  • Provides effective 24/7 immunity support
  • Helps improve health and wellness
  • Natural, contains ZERO toxins, chemicals, pesticides
  • 3rd Party lab tested for purity
  • 30 Day satisfaction guarantee



Strawberry, Blueberry, Sugar, Vanillin




77 mg

Total Fat

0.1 g


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Immune Support

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