Step into the world of Full Spectrum Zen, where wellness meets innovation. Our Mood Gummies embody this fusion, offering you an escape from the turbulence of modern life. Each gummy is a testament to our commitment to your health, delivering a non-drowsy, non-habit forming solution that’s safe for everyday use, whether it’s the sunlit hours or the starry nights.

Immerse yourself in the world of possibilities that Free Therapy Mood Gummies unfold. Every gummy invites tranquility into your existence, embracing a holistic approach to emotional wellness. Experience the power of natural ingredients harmonizing with scientific precision, wrapped in a delicious package.

Elevate your mood, reshape your emotional landscape, and redefine your approach to well-being. Choose Full Spectrum Zen’s Free Therapy Mood Gummies and unwrap the gift of tranquility, one gummy at a time. Your path to emotional balance begins here.

The only gummy combining the clinically-effective ingredients of full spectrum CBD and Kanna Extract for stress relief you can feel. 25 mg Sebrium DCD™ / (Kanna Extract from South Africa). 3mg Astareal® Natural Astaxanthin, 20mg Broad Spectrum CBD

    • Boosts mood and focus
    • Promotes rest and relaxation
    • Helps manage anxiety
  • It contains naturally flavored ingredients
  • Formulated with 10x greater bioavailable CBD


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Free Therapy Mood Gummies

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