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Some people view the change to the colder seasons as a winter wonderland, but for others, the “winter blues” are an all too real seasonal side effect. Almost too appropriately named SAD – or Seasonal Affective Disorder – causes its sufferers to feel more depressed and tired as temperatures drop and darkness falls sooner in the day. Thought to be linked to reduced sunlight exposure, the symptoms of SAD are anything but cheerful to go through during the holiday season. However, increasing reports show that CBD can actually be used to help treat some symptoms of SAD.

What does SAD-ness look like?

Wintertime means the days get darker earlier, which for many, can cause a disruption to their body’s internal clock. When this occurs, your body may experience changes in serotonin and melatonin production levels, leading to major unpleasant mood changes. Melatonin is what causes you to feel sleepy, and your serotonin has influence over many things including mood, appetite, and sleep. This disturbance brought on by the winter season causes symptoms that can include:

  • Lowered mood
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Irritability or agitation
  • Despair or hopelessness
  • Lethargy or insomnia, and finding it difficult to get out of bed
  • Weight gain or increased cravings for carbs and sugar
  • Lack of interest in normal activities
  • Loss of energy
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Restlessness or problems concentrating


Certainly, feeling low isn’t the way that anyone wants to spend their holiday season. The good news is you can give yourself the gift of happiness by learning how to use CBD to turn those winter blues into winter silver linings.


How CBD takes you from SAD to glad

As you may already know, CBD interacts with your cannabinoid system which produces many mood-boosting effects and symptom-busting solutions. The active compounds in CBD help boost levels of the serotonin and dopamine production systems, which can reverse some of the symptoms brought on by SAD. As studies have shown that CBD has antidepressant qualities, it provides very significant relief for anxiety and depression and can be similarly used to ease the effects of SAD. On top of that, CBD has also been known to treat a variety of sleep disorders and can help patients find relief from insomnia and unhealthy sleeping patterns.


Start your seasonal CBD routine

Adding CBD to your lifestyle could be the change you need to finally overcome your seasonal depression. With improvements to mood, appetite, and sleep, making CBD a part of your daily routine could make all the difference. For example, our Energy Boost Strips give you the burst you need to power through your day, and also help with focus. Or, if your winter blues has you suffering from insomnia, pop in one of our Sleep Strips to get the rest you need. Or you can incorporate our All Natural Tincture into your day for general alleviations from the disorder.


Get moving!

Blending a mix of CBD and movement therapy is another great way to combat SAD. Getting your body moving is a wonderful mood booster, and you can follow it up with the relaxing properties of our Soothing Therapeutic Lavender Gel Roll on. It’s a great aid to your workout routine, and you’ll see how being active gives you major improvements in your mood.

From Blues to Zen

If winter is done correctly, it should be about gratitude, love and joy. Don’t let SAD keep you from experiencing the magic of the season – find the right CBD product to start your year off right. We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so don’t delay your happiness because there is absolutely no risk involved. Happy holidays, and a healed new year!